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Everything You Need

For 30 years Spice of Life has supported the Rochester market providing sound systems of various sizes. We proudly support local musicians in our clubs, bars, theaters and outdoor events.

Sound Systems: Services

Small, Medium or Large Events

We pride ourselves on providing many levels of services to cover all of our customers needs. From small powered speakers for Corporate events to Line array systems capable of covering up to 8,000 people. With a large inventory we typically will produce 7-10 events every Saturday in the summer.

Small sound.jpg

Medium Sized

Our EAW KF850 rig (seen above) can accommodate an outdoor festival up to about 2500.  Or, can be used as a large indoor PA for 1200. Proudly supported by all digital amplification to increase sound quality and decrease power consumption.


Speaker Manufacturers Available

EAW: KF850, MK1213, SB850
Clair Brothers:
McCauley: MLA3, 155-2, 122-2, M95-2
B&C: 3x18
JBL:2719, MR Series
Turbosound: IQ Series Powered

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